About Us

About Us

Are you looking for the services of connoisseurs to repair or manufacture garden protection, Swimming Pool Construction in Dubai, swimming baths, fountains, landscaping, irrigation, water features, pergola, landscaping, etc.? If so, Desert Link Landscaping is the company that provides all these features for your workplace or house like Swimming Pool Construction in Dubai.

All the landscape design services provided by Desert Link, provides first-class quality, and we will make your product series an ideal place to live. From design customization to after-sales service maintenance, we meet customer needs in various ways. For us, the most important thing is customer satisfaction, they can bring the precise things in their minds to the forefront.

We design and build water elements, fountains and swimming pools for you, and design Dubai for you. We have a clear concept to explain how to graze and plant in your garden area or drinking fountain, water corner area. If you want to urge you to remove rough sidewalks or sidewalks, we will provide customers with feasible solutions.

After installation, we will also provide you with a one-year maintenance service for the Dubai Garden Swimming Pool all types of Swimming Pool Construction in Dubai. Especially for the garden irrigation system, we will provide proper maintenance services to prevent it from overflowing from the ground.

Combining all these services, we have high ability in fixing and drafting of pavilions and pergola. The landscaping of Desert Link is known for providing the best pergola services in Dubai.

In order to improve the appearance and sophistication of your backyard, we are equipped with all the necessary goods and service skills.

Desert Link Landscaping may be a group of passionate and proficient people. Whether it is fountain installation, manufacturing or design, landscaping, swimming pool, pergola, etc., our experienced experts will usually bring the most advanced ideas to the most precious customers.

Dubai Desert Landscape Design Services Department Dubai learned that when a client came to us, he put a large part of its reliability on our name and service. To ensure that everything is our primary responsibility for them. We will provide them with the best services and advice on the welfare of their homes.

Established in March 2010, we have completed many tasks of the Dubai Luxury Housing Association, UAE, which have become the topic of the town due to its latest and shocking image. Whether it is your home or company office, we will provide you with unparalleled and outstanding landscape design services in Dubai. We will work according to your company’s information and play the biggest role in the most suitable aspect of the theme or landscape design. Similarly, for your house, we will transform it from a house into a house through exquisite sketches. Our competent and skilled designers know that the right things and the right projects will match your vision.

We work closely with our customers to make their ideas a reality. There are many buyers who want to customize Dubai swimming pool designs according to their space requirements. We achieve this goal by drawing relevant drafts and endless brainstorming. We finally determine the product that best meets the buyer’s needs. For our diligent team, custom design work usually faces challenges, but we are happy to do different things every day and every project.

When designing and manufacturing for swimming pools, pergola, fountains, landscapes, etc., Desert Link is not only the favorite of every customer, but we are also preferable because we charge very reasonable fees for all these services. Our fundamental goal is to provide customers with quality services at reasonable prices. Including our uncompromising quality of work, this is our strength, which makes us a leader in this market. Unlike our competitors, we bring you the exact final product we promised you when we undertook the project. Considering that other companies in the market always treat standard products and final products unfairly. These things are very unacceptable in the “Chain of Desert” home.

We are very ethical when it comes to professional values ​​that we can never bear. We provide customers with various contact methods, for example, you will visit us in the office and discuss issues face to face. In addition, you can call us at any time to ask us for a quote or make an appointment so that we can talk in person. Not only that, you will also email your questions to us, we will answer all your questions and give you answers.

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and check our work on the YouTube channel. This will provide an idea of ​​how we work.

If you want to renovate or build swimming pools, fountains, gardens, water features, etc., please use the Desert Link to beautify the environment.

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