Irrigation Work

Planning to have an herb garden in a box on your windowsill or spending a Sunday afternoon planting flowers so Desert Link is here for you. We design irrigation systems for all types of landscape projects, from small to large areas. Water conservation is the main criteria of all Irrigation designs. We use the highest quality materials installed by trained professionals. As Dubai is situated in a desert and without a properly designed and functioning irrigation system most plants would not last more than a day without water in peak summer. Our irrigation system provides adequate water based on plant water requirements. Water requirements may vary depending on plant size, type, turf grass area, and other environmental factors. Landscaping engineers will study each landscape project to assess the amount of water requirement and accordingly design an appropriate irrigation system for the project. Whether to be a fully automatic system, semi-automatic or other types. We have local experience and exposure to the latest technologies and have furnish Landscaping with the knowledge to undertake all works related to specialized irrigation designs such as site surveys, preparation of plans, irrigation concepts, detailed plans, installation details, hydraulic calculations, bills of quantities and detailed specifications. All you need to build a beautiful irrigation system is,

  1. A place to grow
  2. The right temperature
  3. Air and light
  4. Water

Through continuous improvement and development of talent in our company, we dynamically develop landscape solutions that help to reduce costs and provide the best outcome for our clients. Our mission and core values drive our business practices to give the best quality and customer satisfaction. We try our best to make your irrigation system more beautiful & captivating. By having an irrigation system at your place it will help you to prevent weeds and disease in your plants. Irrigation system helps to stop the weed seeds from germinating and, by limiting the water that is sprayed onto the leaves you can reduce the chance of any blight or leaf diseases. Our automated system will help you to soil nutrient balance. It does not increase the worth of your house.