Irrigation Work

If you are planning to put a plant life in a box to increase the beauty of your place, or spend holidays afternoon planting flowers, and then Desert Link surely can help you to do so with their services of irrigation work in Dubai. We design irrigation systems for all landscaping projects from small and large. Water restoration is the main gauge for all irrigation designs. We use the highest quality materials installed by our expert professionals. Since Dubai is located in the desert and does not have a properly designed and operated irrigation system, most plants will not lack water for more than one day during the peak summer period. Our irrigation work in Dubai has ability to provide enough water according to the water demand of the plants. Water demand depends on the size and type of plants, area, and other energy-efficient factors. The landscape experts will study each landscape project to assess the water demand and accordingly design an irrigation system suitable for your project. Whether it is a fully automatic system or a semi-automatic system. We have local experience and use the latest technology, and provide landscaping with knowledge of all work related to professional irrigation design, such as site surveys, planning, irrigation concepts, detailed plans, installation details, hydraulic calculations and checklists. Workload. And detailed specifications. All you need to do to build a beautiful irrigation system is,

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Desert Link mission and core values are ​​guide our business practices to provide the best quality and customer satisfaction. We try our best to make your irrigation work more beautiful and attractive. By installing an irrigation system on your place, it will help prevent weeds and plant diseases. Irrigation work help prevent weed seeds from germinating, and by limiting the spraying of water on the leaves, they can reduce the risk of leaf blight or disease. Our automated system will help you achieve soil nutrient balance. It will not increase the value of the house.