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Landscape Design

Equipped with all the high class materials, we are offering optimum landscape design services Dubai to many private and commercial sectors. With our specially modified softcape and hardscape methods, we put your garden into life with the look of something right out of animated movies. But, we also keep everything in mind that what is the actual demand of our client.
At Desert Link Landscape, we are aware that hard landscaping is the crucial factor that must be present in your outdoor location and in the garden. We cautiously work on the idea and apply the hardscape in a way that it looks absolutely trendy and catchy. It is a common perception that materials for hardscaping are not available easily, but when you are dealing with Desert Link, everything will be easily accessible as we have our own collection and storage of the items/ materials that are required for the hardscaping. All the materials are obtainable feasibly and of superior quality. If you want to have any customized design, then we can prepare that for you without any hassle.
The landscape design services Dubai includes, plant scaping, sharbs, nursery, plants, 3D garden designing, wooden work and fencing, soft landscaping at residential areas, wood paintings for stains and wood polish of any color.

Landsacping Services:

  • Nursery, Plants &  Sharbs

  • Residential Soft Landscaping

  • Plant Scape

  • Garden Maintenance

  • 3D Garden Design

  • Wooden Work

  • Wooden Fence

  • Stain Paint and Polish all kind of Wood

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Pools & Garden Maintenance

For enabling more positivity and attraction in your premises’ indoor and outdoor areas, our Fountain Maintenance service is always there. We enhance the natural surroundings more so that it will not look anything artificial from anywhere. All the waterfalls and fountains are designed in a way that will link up with your properties interior and exterior. Not only that, we also fill in your waterfalls with the fishes of unique varieties, aquatic plants and real stones. The electrical machinery is used in a way that will not overuse the water quantity and keep the real essence of waterfall alive too.
We also get the Garden Maintenance Services Dubai that will keep your garden up to date. We take care of your plants, their cutting, and health, thus, your garden will always look fresh. Plus, we also make sure that your pool is clean and hygienic all the time so that you will enjoy a great time with friends and family.

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Pools Design

Rolling your private residence into an in-house fun place is our specialty. We present you with the high class pools design Dubai that no one else is providing. All the pools are designed according to the latest drafts and in a chic manner that will make your pool area an irresistible place to stay always.
If you want any exceptional pool design, then we can do that for you without any issue. Additionally, we also design pools as per your budget, whether they are of high cost or a limited ones. The experts in Desert Link develop the 3D version of swimming pool for you so that you could imagine what your pool will look like.
We cannot only create economical pools for you, but we also offer you maintenance services as well in the UAE. We operate in the stages of:

  • Selecting the Shape of Pool

  • Selecting the Technology for Pool

  • Picking Pool’s Ocular Intensification

  • Picking Deck Design for Pool

Our other services include:

  • Constructing 3D Pools

  • Provide You Consultancy Related to the Swimming Pool

  • Get You the Pool Items

  • Remodeling of Pool

  • Maintenance of Pool and its Fixation

  • Cleaning of Pool

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Pergola drafting services Dubai is provided to you with all the high class quality. We monitor that what cross and columns will be right for your home or office premises. Appearance and strapping is the thing that matters a lot in Pergolas. With the insubstantial beams, the sunlight gets screened out and with the stringers; the light gets filtered as well.
We design the pergola for you as per your property landscapes or architecture. We check whether the pergola will go with your surroundings or not.

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Gazebos by Desert Link are designed by keeping altering seasonal variations in mind. Be it the design or high class material, we offer the finest options that manufactures the top class gazebos for you. If you want any customized design, we can create that as well.
With the proficient team, we assist you in having the exclusive gazebos as per your requirements.

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