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Landscape Design Services in Dubai

We believe “A great landscape design is born by deeply listening to your ideas”. It’s your space and you know your wants, needs, vision, and a dream. We listen to you deeply and turns your dreams into reality. An effective landscape design will reflect your style and personality. Beautify your gardens with Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C, UAE.  “If you have a dream, we will turn it into reality”. Having a hand on field experience over a decade, we offer a modern and unique approach to landscape design in Dubai.

Landscaping in Dubai

Transform the look of your garden withDesert Link Landscaping L.L.C, Dubai. We will turn your indoor or outdoor space into a gorgeous heaven. Whether it is your residential or commercial property, a many-million dollar villa, an urban backyard or a public park, our team of professional landscape designers, architects, project managers and expertbuilding crewswill create wonders that will blow your mind away. Our professionals will first conduct a meetup with you to discuss your requirements. Then, they will merge your thoughts and needs into sketched or printed design and will present their ideas to you.

We will amaze you with our creative, unique and artistic designs. We want to build long term relationships with our clients and we stay connected with our clients to listen to their demands. Therefore, we customize the landscape design to match their personal style and spirit, building creative designs for them.

Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C specializes in transforming and creating your landscapes and work closely to maximize your budget. We ensure that each job is done professionally and take pride in going an extra mile in our work. We deliver our best services within budget and on schedule.

Landscaping Design services in Dubai

We offer range of services under one head including landscaping consultations, recreation, renovations and maintenance of landscapes.When it comes to outstanding services then our company ranks the best one among all landscaping companies in Dubai, UAE. Moreover, we take pride in providingcustomized solutions of landscape to our clients in Dubai. Our clients include the developers,hotels, restaurants, and health care centers. With the help of our experienced and dedicated staff, we are able to stand in front row. They have expanded their skills at each level and have made us proud at garden designing and landscape architecture. Furthermore, this has helped us a lot to make a reputation in understanding core requirements of customers at ground levels.

Landscape Maintenance in Dubai

Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C are doing landscape maintenance in Dubai in areas such as: commercial areas maintenance, residential landscape maintenance, educational institutions landscaping & ground maintenance, garden landscaping and artificial grass installation, in Dubai and UAE. We provide professional ground maintenance and landscaping services to benefits the clients of our services, reliability, commitment and peace of mind turning dreams into reality.

For the luxurious lifestyle, Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C is playing their major roles in recreating your outdoors to fully fit your indoors. We have an experienced team of youngsters who will not only listen to your requirements keenly but will also work honestly and speedily to bring charm to life. Trends are changing and people want to have attractive landscape areas in their outdoors equipped with swimming pool and garden.

Furthermore, we are recognized as one of the best landscaping company in Dubai with the goal of providing you with utmost satisfaction at all levels. We also provide quality in our work and use the material that is best and reliable for longer run.

Commercial Landscaping Services in Dubai

Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C provides luxurious services in public sectors in Dubai. Our landscapes are well known for their quality and completion to design. We have established a reputation of delivery exactly what the clients set out to achieve in Dubai.

We recognize the fact that landscape is the mirror of business which is presented to the public every day – attending visitors, clients, tenants and employees. We provide range of exceptional services including corporate campuses, retail shopping centers, city parks, office parks, apartments and other commercial properties.  Our team takes special care by planting, controlling weeds, repairing and maintaining, managing irrigation, analyzing soil and fertilizing each day to meet the standards of our company.

Residential Landscaping Services in Dubai

Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C – creativity, team work, uniqueness and experience gained over years has made us a premier residential landscape and garden maintenance companies in UAE. To reflect the client personality and taste, every landscaping services are custom designed. Trends are changing and people want to have gorgeous landscape areas in their outdoors having swimming pool and garden.We have a full experience in molding your outdoors into a beautiful landscape design.

Residential Landscaping Services in Dubai

Landscape Installation in Dubai

Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C Dubai offers a proven record breakingservices of quality landscape installation in Dubai, UAE. We work tirelessly and stay connected with our clients from beginning of design stage to completion of project. Whether it is your new lawn, flowers, plants, trees, construction, secret garden or irrigation, we do perfect landscape installation in Dubai.

Our team is on site to ensure your requirements of landscape is done properly and that your dream is really turned into reality.Our professionalism will be apparent from the moment we enter at your premises. You will get to know that our team is really knowledgeable and helpful and revisions can be made at any time if you see fit.

Hardscape Installation in Dubai

Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C crews are specialized in installing hard elements of a landscape in outdoor spaces and creating a well maintained symmetry between garden and the house. Our experienced team of professionals have hand-on-experience in installing paved pathways, flagstones, concrete that maybe stamped or colored, patios, stonewalls and boulders. We work with full dedication to provide you with the best of our services.

Outdoor Rooms Dubai

You do enhancements in your house by adding an outdoor room and it is one of the best investments that you will ever do. These outdoor spaces maybe small or big, and this room is meant for adding a separate area for little shady oasis, gazebo or pergola. Some people make it for fire pit, cabana or bridge or sometimes an outdoor kitchen. More than that, these can be built for family gatherings or for friends to enjoy some time in outdoors. Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C glamourize the outlook of your outdoor rooms.

Water Features in Dubai

Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C turns your backyards into a perfect design by retreating it with streams, ponds, waterfalls and fountains. Every water feature that we design and create is unique which combines water plants and natural stone material.

We cover everything from natural ponds, small features, koi ponds, jumping jets, rills, water tables, water walls, reflective pools, fountains and much more. We turn your imaginations into reality. We also offer water feature and pond maintenance and renovation services. These further includes therebuilding, planting, filtration, fish stocking, landscape lighting, aquatic lightning, design and all associated landscaping in Dubai.

Outdoor Lighting in Dubai

Our professional work of decoratedoutdoor lighting and landscape lighting services in Dubai is unsurpassed. Outdoor lighting is a must to transform the outlook of property at night by highlighting significant features including fountains, walkways, conversation areas and much more. The lighting in evening is important from safety point of view along paths and for all season enjoyment in a garden.

Desert Link L.L.C Dubai Lighting has a targeted approach to landscape lighting design and installation. Whether installing a garden lighting system to enhance a landscape after dark area leading to a private garden, or installing a commercial lighting system to increment the safety and appearance of a public environment or space, we have surpassed that with our expertise.

The beauty of garden doubles at night when the lights are on. Well, you have guessed it right! We provide variety of lights in distinct colors and we use lighting techniques as well. These techniques are structured in a way to highlight the major big trees, plants, garden and walls to provide an enchanting nightscape view of landscape.

Irrigation Installation in Dubai

As the location of Dubai is situated in a desert and it is very important to properly design and install functioning irrigation system because without that the plants will no longer live than a day in hot summer days in Dubai. Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C provides the best suitable irrigation systems according to plants requirements. As the water requirement vary according to length, type, turf grass and environmental factors.

Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C engineers will examine each landscape project to calculate the quantity of water requirement of each plant and accordingly design appropriate irrigation system for the client. We install irrigation systems that may be automatic, semi-automatic or other types.

We design any type of irrigation system from residential villas to public parks. Water conservation is one main principle for all sort of designing projects. Our objective is to provide high quality and reliable garden irrigation for clients in Dubai. Our services will allow peace of mind and your trees, plants etc. are watered correctly without manual labor.

Landscaping – A Space of Your Dreams

Think out of the box and cherish your dreams in real sense. Our professional team takes pride in looking for everything and each aspect in detailed manner while providing landscaping services. Moreover, our experts provides with all-in-one solution. Including, professionally designed gardens, skillful landscaping and a highly skilled maintenance service for the both middle and large sized gardens that will move your dreams forward to reality.

Moreover, the challenges faced in landscaping are the use of right materials. But you do not need to worry about this anymore. When you choose us, get relaxed and sit back to the chair and see the work done in no time. Furthermore, we as the bestlandscaping companies in Dubaiare known for having extensive range of quality material in our stock. We will provide landscaping services of best quality and premium standards. We also have space for customized garden designs and will go with client’s opinions. We being the professionals will bring the life to your property, land or building by designing and creating the fascinating designs under reasonable costs. Green the world with us!

Our Landscape Design Team

Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C is having team of professional landscape designers, project managers, skilled build crews, draftsmen and workers who takes full responsibility of your project that starts with a landscaping design. With the help of our experienced and dedicated staff, we are able to stand in the row of best landscaping design services providers in Dubai. Our professionals have expanded their skills at each level and have made us proud in all types ofgarden designing and landscape architecture services. Furthermore, this has helpedus a lot to make a reputation in understanding core requirements of customers at groundlevels. We specialize in both residential and commercial landscape design throughout the Dubai. Our team begins with a communication with client and then makes landscaping plan to integrate the design that will increase the value of your spaces and looks beautiful for years to come.

In addition, we work with keen interest and listen to UAE clients and their requirements to make sure that garden design is understood and is clear. Moreover, the finished plan is clear cut and obvious to both parties. Our main goal is to make the design, color combinations and styling to reflect the customers brief as closely as possible. The reason is that the inside andoutside representation of visuals remains alike. Furthermore, we remain in the close contact with the designers and garden architects to witness that our purpose is achieved or not. We are available 24/7 to serve you. We value our customer’s satisfaction over anything else. Furthermore, we prefer quality over quantity and brings the best landscaping designs to serve you for years to come.

Landscape Design Services:

  • Nursery, Plants &  Sharbs

  • Residential Soft Landscaping

  • Plant Scape

  • Garden Maintenance

  • 3D Garden Design

  • Wooden Work

  • Wooden Fence

  • Stain Paint and Polish all kind of Wood

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Garden Maintenance Services Dubai

Garden Maintenance Services Dubai

For enabling more positivity and attraction in your premises’ indoor and outdoor areas, our Fountain Maintenance service is always there. We enhance the natural surroundings more so that it will not look anything artificial from anywhere. All the waterfalls and fountains are designed in a way that will link up with your properties interior and exterior. Not only that, we also fill in your waterfalls with the fishes of unique varieties, aquatic plants and real stones. The electrical machinery is used in a way that will not overuse the water quantity and keep the real essence of waterfall alive too.
We also get the Garden Maintenance Services Dubai that will keep your garden up to date. We take care of your plants, their cutting, and health, thus, your garden will always look fresh. Plus, we also make sure that your pool is clean and hygienic all the time so that you will enjoy a great time with friends and family.

Are you looking for best professional garden services Dubai? You have an amazing change to turn your garden dreams into reality by contacting us. We are one of the best garden maintenance company who offers range of services for commercial, landscape, residential, maintenance and garden look after etc.

Gardening is the hobby of certain people and some turns this hobby into profession. Actually we are the ones who provides garden maintenance service Dubai. Many people make a garden but do not look after it. Moreover, keeping a healthy lawn needs more than just spreading some fertilizers and pesticide over plants and garden. In addition, weeding, mowing and edging are some key essential steps in keeping your garden look lush and healthy throughout the year. Furthermore, our garden maintenance team can help in escaping weeds and insects that may harm the beauty of garden.

We do provide contracts on monthly or weekly basis for maintaining garden. Moreover, once the first phase of project is done, we come once a month to check everything in garden involving cutting the grass, shaping trees and plants, watering them and adding chemicals and sprays if needed. Are you looking for landscaping company? We offer range of services under one head including landscaping consultations, recreation, renovations and maintenance of landscapes. We are one of the leading swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai. If you want to make the beauty of your swimming pool filled with clear water and without any dust then do call us. We are also professional swimming pool contractors in Dubai. We are leading landscaping companies in Dubai. Moreover, we offer garden maintenance services Dubai. We are also best ranking wood companies in Dubai as well.

Garden Maintenance Services Dubai

Our services covers the major portion of garden in various ways and using tools, the beauty of garden emerges out even if it is boring. Garden maintenance services of us covers the following aspects:

  • Pruning and hedging of grass
  • We do weed controlling in pathways, lawns, gardens and driveways
  • Watering the garden at regular intervals
  • Clearing leaves and other dust particles if any exists in the lawn
  • Dead leaf clearing using machines and by our experts
  • Trimming down extra stems and leaves and cutting them into beautiful shapes of hedges and shrubs
  • Controlling weeds, pests and disease from plants and making them grow and treating them timely
  • Applying fertilizers to plants for good growth
  • Lawn dressing and making them look stunning
  • Planting seasonal plants and trees
  • Replanting the spitted plants
  • Maintenance of indoor plants and flowers
  • Clearance of garden

Gardening Dubai

In Dubai, where there are a lot of buildings and towers, there exists gardens and lawns that are worth mentioning. Miracle garden is known worldwide for its beauty. We are a company that will turn your garden into beautiful place where there will be plants, trees and flowers in sequence and perfectly trimmed in unique shapes and sizes.

Gardening Dubai

Moreover, we work with keen interest and listen to UAE clients and their requirements to make sure that garden design is understood and is clear. Moreover, the finished plan is clear cut and obvious to both parties. Furthermore, our main goal is to make the design, color combinations and styling to reflect the customers brief as closely as possible. The reason is that the inside and outside representation of visuals remains alike. Furthermore, we remain in close contact with the designers and garden architects to witness that our purpose is achieved or not.

Garden Lightening

Do you know that we provide garden lightening services as well? The shine of garden doubles at night when the lights are on. Yes, you have guessed it right! We provide a variety of lights in distinct colors and we use lighting techniques as well. These techniques are structured in a way to bring it to limelight. This includes highlighting the major big trees, plants, garden and walls to provide an amazing nightscape view of the lawn.

Garden Lightening

When it comes to beauty, we leave no stone unturned to bring the nature of its reality. We do landscaping of paths, lawns and outdoors. We also have space for customized garden designs and will go with client’s opinions. We are the professionals will bring the life to your property, land or building by designing and creating the fascinating designs under reasonable costs. Green the world with us.  We believe that quality work makes you perfect and good in the eyes of your clients for years and years.

Therefore, without wasting time, pick up your phone and call us. We will provide you with all the offers and acknowledge what our customer’s requirements are. With a team discussion by our panel we will look your garden size, whether it is small or a bigger one. We provide services for all levels of gardens like health care centers, residential, resorts or hotels, etc. We bring life to gardens by putting all our efforts into it. Our professionals and experts will bring your imaginations into reality. We as a best garden maintenance company Dubai are working for years in this field and have a sound knowledge of what the customer requires by just turning his words into a good deigned lawn.

Tree maintenance service

We know that trees are very essential for our surroundings. In urban settings, trees are becoming obsolete and small plants are taking place due to the huge amount of care that they need. Our professional garden maintenance services Dubai offer services to both business and residential areas. We take care of the trees already present on your premises and grow the new ones too in an appropriate manner. If there are any pests, growing inside them, we shower them with the right medicines and monitor them closely so that they will not get rot by these little devils. We plan a treatment for them so that you could breathe in a healthy air and enjoy the fresh surroundings.

We do not leave our clients alone when there is any emergency rather we have a response system designed for them that will reply to your query instantly. If any of the trees gets damaged and require removal, we have the skilled team for this purpose. They carefully remove, spray, and take away the decayed tree with them so that it will not harm the other plants.

If there is any storm in the area, we ensure that your garden remains appear untouched and as refreshing as it was before the storm.

Cleanliness of the Garden

Your garden waste is not just dumped around the corner of the street or ends up in your garbage box, but we properly pick, collect, and dispose it off. If necessary, then some of the We gather garden rubbles and decompose them for some months, later on, we use this natural soil to beautify your garden.  We try our best to stay close to the natural products as much as we can. This is the reason that we do not use artificial soil or medicines unnecessarily. This is our another feature that makes us distinctive from other service providers.

Our team is expert in the garden matters and they know about which conduct is required for your garden and when? They keep your garden in shape by cleaning on a daily basis and check if there are any wild shrubs are growing. The cleaning is done either by hand picking or by spraying. The designated team picks all the unwanted weeds while you rest at home. They know the best way to pick and dump them because they are harmful for your plants’ growth. On the other hand, they spray plants too, so that they could be secured from the pest attack.

We do not compromise on quality that is committed to bring best to your gardens. We are highly professional with our tasks and, especially, when it comes to the cleanliness part.

Cleanliness is also apparent when the plants are trimmed in a precise manner. Leaving stems and branches unattended will make your garden appear as some forest. We certainly do not want that because it will affect our reputation as well. Therefore, we cleanly and charmingly cut them at the reasonable height. We discuss the height of trees or plants with our clients in advance that gives us an idea about what picture do they have in mind related to their garden. It is discussed at the time of booking so that both parties could work in peace. We value our clients and want to perform as they wish to.


Before experimenting with your garden, we want to have our client’s views and their preferences. Certainly, they have some other ideas about their dream garden. Most of them wants to have a garden that is full of fresh flowers and fruit trees. Our planting experts look out for which seasonal flowers or fruit plans could be installed at this time of the year and they are planted. Having the qualified plantation experts, our clients do not worry about the quality of those plants as they know that they are trusting the right company. They make a thorough research on what could work best for the Dubai environment and which plants can survive here, after all the research, the plantation is made. These steps are necessary as we care about your garden and your money too! They also inspect them to see whether they are blossoming and the plant is giving fruits or not. Some plants are sensitive to the soil as well, thus, it I important to keep an eye on them or they get damaged by the insects.

The experts are not done here, but they keep a check on those plants until they are well bloomed and start fruiting. Our clients seek our advice in terms of which plant will work best for their garden and what design will suit them. There are different garden designs according to the commercial and residential requirements. We recommend them designs from our templates or also draft the customize designs for them.

Spraying service

We are not claiming big, but we claim that can be done easily. As a professional garden maintenance services Dubai, we also have a service of spraying your garden regularly. Weeds are the common issue in your garden and some of them cannot be picked by hand, thus, we end them by spraying. We use the sprays that are not harsh for your plants at all, but will kill the weeds for sure. All the medicines are of high quality and environmental friendly that you can easily inhale between them. Garden sprays are usually provided if the client’s budget allows it otherwise, we perform other ways to keep your plants maintained. However, our spraying service is not expensive like other service providers.

Availing services from our company will show you our level of professionalism and care that we sow in your garden. We love nature and that is visible in our actions.  Our company is itself closely connected to the nature related endeavors and we take fullest part in whatever such activity is going on around in Dubai.

So what are you waiting for? We are available 24/7 to help our clients, especially in Dubai. We have an experienced team to work for all your garden related maintenance services. We provide discounted offers to our first time clients. Avail this amazing opportunity and contact us for further details. Moreover, we have all required equipment and tools to work smoothly in our working garden areas. We will do contracts on a monthly basis and will come to you once a month to check everything is okay in the garden and there is no issue with grass, plants or trees. Plants have been watered properly over the time period. We will look after your garden like our own. Do contact us to check our amazing services. Visit our office, call us or email us for the quote, we are looking forward to cater you with our excellent services.

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Swimming Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai

Rolling your private residence into an in-house fun place is our specialty. We present you with the high class pools design Dubai that no one else is providing. All the pools are designed according to the latest drafts and in a chic manner that will make your pool area an irresistible place to stay always.
If you want any exceptional pool design, then we can do that for you without any issue. Additionally, we also design pools as per your budget, whether they are of high cost or a limited ones. The experts in Desert Link develop the 3D version of swimming pool for you so that you could imagine what your pool will look like.

You have got your swimming costumes. You have got your foam noodles. You have got goggles. And surely, you have got a wonderful swimming pool in hot summer days. You are having your own swimming pool in backyard and it is indeed a luxury. Moreover, you will be enjoying swimming at home for years to come. Am I right? Wait! Having a big swimming pool isn’t just enough as it needs to be maintained properly. This approach leads you to search for a swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai who takes the headache of swimming pool maintenance.

Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C is a leading company in Dubai renowned for building long lasting swimming pools. We therefore strive to provide you with our outstanding services including renovating your existing pools, building a replacement pool or simply searching for pool services and provides trustworthy Anthony to induce it right. We have a team of skilled workers who work deliberately and with passion.

Do you remember when you last cleaned your swimming pool? Actually I mean REALY cleaned your pool. You might notice that the condition of your pool is in serious need of some scrubbing right now. No problem, we are humans and we do get lazy sometimes and skip important matters of our lives. But do not worry until Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C is available to serve you because we believe in quality work. Just as your car and building, your swimming pool needs proper upkeep and maintenance to be at its best.

Get To Know the Parts of Your Swimming Pool

You like to make home improvements from time to time. Just like that, you may get as fancy as you like with your swimming pool. You can install high tech pool covers, add advanced levels of lighting and heating or you may add underwater pool speakers to enjoy music while swimming. Whether you have a basic backyard swimming pool or a massive one in ground, each pool consists of four components that requires regular care.

These include:

  • The water of pool
  • The interior wall or liner of pool
  • The pool’s filtration system
  • The pool’s skimmers and returns system

These are the basic parts of every pool and we being the best swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai takes the challenge of changing the outlook of pools in your region.

1. Pool Water

Pool Water

It makes no sense of pool without water in it. Water is a key component of your pool’s happiness and you can’t enjoy an empty pool. The water inside the pool must be crystal clear, clean and balanced in order to jump in the moment you want to unwind yourself. Especially, when you have kids with you water must be free of pollutants and contaminants.

2.Pool Walls and Interior

Pool Walls and Interior

The walls of pool liner are always in contact with the water of pool. It gets in contact with every substance that enters in it. Regular cleaning of these surfaces and repairing them keeps your pool safe and clean of algae, debris and mold etc.

3.  Pool Filtration System

The pumping organ of your swimming pool is its “liver”. Sounds weird? But think it from your pool’s end. The pool pump drains out excess water and keeps circulating the water, just like the blood circulates in body. Moreover, the pool filter keeps your pool free from dust and contaminants that may harm your health just as the liver filters the acidity in your stomach.

Not only it protects you from harm but also keeps the water clean 24/7. Without the installation of filtration system, your pool will be cloudy, polluted and a complete mess that prohibits you to swim.

4.  Pool Skimmer and return System

Consider the pool filtration system to be the liver and skimmers and returns as veins and arteries. Your skimmers are the cleaning tools that are attached with telescoping pole. Skimmers pull the water into the filter for cleaning and returns back the filtered water back to the pole.  Just like the veins and arteries function best when they don’t have any blood clot inside. Similarly these skimmers and returns works with better efficiency when they have no obstruction.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Process

Swimming Pool Cleaning Process

Are you frustrated of adding chlorine chemicals to swimming pool and still trying to get clear water all the time? Well, think out of the box and head out to best swimming pool Maintenance Company in Dubai. First, swimming pool cleaning starts with two important ingredients: Chemicals and the right equipment. Second, you need to hire swimming pool contractors in Dubai to get the job done in less time. The swimming pool cleaning can happen in one of the following ways:

  1. Using telescopic pole brush
  2. Net attached with a skimmer at one end
  3. Fine pool brush
  4. You can manually clean pool using vacuum
  5. Swimming pool involves robotic cleaning as well
  6. You may opt for one sided suction cleaning
  7. Pressure sided cleaning is also getting common to enhance work efficiency
  8. Pool deck cleaner by using tri-sodium phosphate and it is water soluble powder as well
  9. Cleaning pool filters on regular basis
  10. Dirty water is drained out and is replaced with clean and clear water

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Note down the important swimming pool maintenance tips to get the desired results in the form of clean swimming pool. Many people think that it is expensive task and requires a lot of hard work to maintain swimming pool water on regular basis. But the reality is bit different, let’s look at some tips discussed below:

  • Chlorine is added to pool water for cleaning purpose. Make sure to maintain pH level of swimming pool around 7.2 and 7.8. Increase or decrease of pH concentration may affect your skin and eyes
  • Moreover, proper algae removal treatments must be implemented to maintain a level of water without any impurities. This is because, chlorine kills algae and if not drained out they remain in pool and makes it dirty
  • Furthermore, chlorine and phosphate appropriate levels aids in swimming pool maintenance
  • Proper vacuuming at regular intervals makes the swimming pool clean and clear
  • Other chemicals and algaecides are also used that help further in swimming pool maintenance
  • Our expert team will clean pump basket regularly to increase its efficiency in longer run
  • We will do skimming of water that helps in proper circulation of water and lowers chlorine levels in swimming pool
  • The professionals will service the pool heater which plays an important role when it’s cold or to kill fungus inside pool
  • And yes, we will check any leaks in pipelines or somewhere in swimming pool to maintain its performance for longer period of time

The Three C’s of Complete Pool Maintenance

The structure of pool is built on the principles of three concepts:

  • Circulation
  • Cleaning
  • Chemistry

1.           Circulation

Circulation is “The Most Important Part” in pool maintenance. In hot and warm summer days, the circulation i.e. the pump and filter system must work for 8-12 hours a day. In cool days 4-6 hours are okay. Moreover, angling your jets that are connected to pole of telescope that allows the uncleaned water skim into filter system and returns the filtered water is a must. In this process of circulation, cleaning of skimmer and return baskets is a very important task.

Desert Link Landscaping L.L.C is a swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai that takes a step forward to regulate your swimming pools cleanliness and maintenance tasks. Multiple filters are connected like the sand filter, cartridge filter and D.E filter whose cleaning is must.

2.           Cleaning

For the cleaning purpose, you must have following tools with you to clean the pools on regular or weekly basis:

  • Pool Brush
  • Net Skimmer
  • Pool Vacuum

Both environment and the people using your pool bring all kinds of unusualand wacky things into your pool. These includes rotten leaves, dust particles, and the odd duck or frog to residues,pooldetergents, perfumes, and hair products or shampoos. All these products make a blend and increment in the risks of bacterial injection of pollutants. Therefore, cleaning your pool leads to the significant part of protected swimming.

We skim, brush and vacuum by draining out water from pool and washing the walls of pools and base with detergents. We attach vacuum with the filter thus the dirt traps there and we can remove that easily. We also provide automatic vacuum cleaners to make this entire process easy and reliable.

3.          Chemistry

There exists three most significant parts of pool water chemistry:

PH level in water: PH level measures the acidity and basicity of water. High pH levels are considered basic while low PH levels are acidic in nature. 7.4 to 7.6 is the ideal range of your pool.

Alkalinity:To prevent the high spikes of acidity or basicity, water alkalinity works as pH buffer. 100 to 150 parts per million (ppm) is considered a standard alkalinity range.

Sanitizer levels:This measures the salt in the form of chlorine or bromine amounts in water of your pool. The varying levels determine the sanitizer you choose.

Why Your Pool Need Regular Maintenance Service?

Cleaning the swimming pool on regular basis is very important. The reason is that the insolvent substances in water start to bind with the walls of pool and at the bottom. And a day will come sooner rather than later when you will not be able to swim in pool anymore because it is too dirty now. For the clean swimming experience, pool should be cleaned on regular basis.

How to Choose Best Pool Maintenance Company

Many companies in Dubai claim to be the best. But we make a difference by preferring quality over quantity. Moreover, our Swimming pool contractors in Dubai will be at your door step on one phone call. Pool services requires the pool to drain out water so that it can be cleaned inside out. Number of products including chemicals and solvents play an important role in the cleaning process besides brushes and tools. In addition, these services are essential to keep your pool clean and safe from unwanted stuff. Our company provides the best possible solutions to all your pool related cleaning issues. We use branded products and sterilized tools while cleaning to ensure full satisfaction of our clients.

Why Choose Desert Link LLC For Your Swimming Pool Maintenance?

We are one of the leading swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai. If you want to make the beauty of your swimming pool filled with clear water and without any dust then do call us. It is a common trend in Dubai to have a swimming pool in resorts and restaurants and is considered as a sign of pride. Cleanliness of swimming pool is very important to keep the grandness of hotel or resort. If by chance you encounter any clean and clear swimming pool then the secret behind that is the care on regular basis and maintenance of swimming pool.

Therefore, the swimming pool cleaning on regular basis leads to more clean water and safe from impurities. As we all know that nothing should be compromised when it comes to health of a person. So, prevention is better than cure. In changing climatic conditions, the risk of fungus and virus attacks on water becomes a common question. Preventive measures must be taken at ground levels and cleaning the swimming pools on regular basis minimizes such risks. Furthermore, our Swimming pool Maintenance Company in Dubai is playing a major leading role by providing cleaning services. Our expert team never makes you disappointed and will work with enthusiasm and passion. Our quality work in the form of services are credited to our team who work with honesty and do not challenge lives of people. Using chlorine, suitable brushes, equipment and right tools and our team makes a best combination altogether. Our experience in swimming pool maintenance and landscaping is an award for us. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our Swimming pool Maintenance Company in Dubai now!

We cannot only create economical pools for you, but we also offer you maintenance services as well in the UAE. We operate in the stages of:

  • Selecting the Shape of Pool

  • Selecting the Technology for Pool

  • Picking Pool’s Ocular Intensification

  • Picking Deck Design for Pool

Our other services include:

  • Constructing 3D Pools

  • Provide You Consultancy Related to the Swimming Pool

  • Get You the Pool Items

  • Remodeling of Pool

  • Maintenance of Pool and its Fixation

  • Cleaning of Pool

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Pergola drafting services Dubai is provided to you with all the high class quality. We monitor that what cross and columns will be right for your home or office premises. Appearance and strapping is the thing that matters a lot in Pergolas. With the insubstantial beams, the sunlight gets screened out and with the stringers; the light gets filtered as well.
We design the pergola for you as per your property landscapes or architecture. We check whether the pergola will go with your surroundings or not.

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Gazebos by Desert Link are designed by keeping altering seasonal variations in mind. Be it the design or high class material, we offer the finest options that manufactures the top class gazebos for you. If you want any customized design, we can create that as well.
With the proficient team, we assist you in having the exclusive gazebos as per your requirements.

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Tile Fixing Work in Dubai

Every space whether it is your home or office, have tiles as a part of your interiors. You can evoke a sense of warmth and elegance to your living space by a well maintained tiled floor. Change is always considered good and a decent addition of beautiful tile flooring and fixing work in your hallway instantly refines the outlook. Your mouth must be watering to get tile fixing work equipped with most modern equipment. We are leading with our best tile fixing work in Dubai providing guaranteed and highly cost effective flooring services in the best possible way.

Desert Link Landscaping LLC. Install all sort of tile for all residential and commercial areas that adds beauty, simplicity, values and performance to your new construction projects. We excel by providing the best services to our clients. We offer you the best tile installation and unique tile repair services. Our experts will not only do tile work but also perform all kinds of remodeling and repairing for washrooms, kitchens, living rooms, patios and more.

We are providing the best tile fixing work in Dubai. After installing tile work, the maintenance is very low comparatively. Before installing tile work, we make proper measurements of your ceramic or semi – precious granite floor material and make adjustments accordingly. Our range of services and expertise on every project we deal in makes us different and is a testament to our success of company.

We have an experienced team of professionals who are equipped with the most modern equipment and tools. If you need to reconstruct your floors, our team will diagnose the potential issues very easily that will avoid uncertain damages to your property. We actually replace the damaged pieces instead of installing the whole unit in place. Furthermore, we work with both local clients and organizations to listen and act according to their requirements by providing value for the money and expertise on every tile project.

Why Hire Desert Link LLC For Tile Fixing Work In Dubai?

Our masons have professional experience in tiling works. Over the years, we have done many projects on both business and domestic properties such as kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and swimming pools etc. Moreover, we don’t jump start any project at first, we do an initial assessment and then make a complete tiling plan. We make sure that the tiles joins are symmetrical, alignment is correct and cuts are minimal.

Moreover, we do understand that some viewpoints holds more importance than the others so we prioritize them and organize them to make a top class finished product. We do not bother what surface or condition it is, we can tile it. We do tiling works for all types of floors and surfaces whether it is inside a cabinet or something like that. We provide quality based tiling works for all sorts of floors. Moreover, installing tiles in place is not that easy job as it looks like. The tools and equipment used by our experts costs thousands of dollars. The efforts that we put into our projects lifts our spirits up and make us always stand in limelight.


We use variety of adhesives for the tiling purposes and choose quality materials to fix tiles in place for a longer period of time. Many a times we face issues like, tiles start to break often or they cannot remain in place or they do have maintenance issues very often. But, you need not to worry about this anymore because our professionals will sort out all types of problems and difficulties in no time. Moreover, we use waterproof adhesives and quality tile fixing material to ensure our services are lifetime reliable and a proof of being the best tile fixing work in Dubai proving company.

Furthermore, tile installing a new surface can fix up a washroom, kitchen, or any other area of your house with the awesome design and craftsmanship. In fact, washrooms and cooking areas most often offers you the highest return on investment if it comes to your home’s value. No matter, whether you areplanning your home for rent or improving the overall design and decoration, we provide exclusive services of all types.

We use best quality glue for the ceramic and porcelain tiles. Moreover, the amount of grout we use varies by the color scheme and quality of the tiles. In fact, skirting of tiles is also done with full perfection and enthusiasm. We also do wooden parquet to fully support the under surface and keep it align. The color combinations are matched with the skirting tiles. We make sure that the color scheme for different area like washrooms, kitchen, etc. varies according to the likeness of client because some like dark shade where others are more interested in light colors.

Our Expertise in Tiling Work

We offer range of tile fixing services including:

  • Elegant Kitchen floors and tiled counters with shiny surfaces
  • Washroom floors, bathing showers, tub enclosures, and customized shower pans tiling
  • Entrance hallways and wooden floors
  • Patios and walkways outside main gate
  • Commercial display areas, storefronts, showrooms and other market areas
  • Customized tiling elsewhere above mentioned services

Desert Link Landscaping LLC. Provides you one stop solution for all kinds of tile fixing work in Dubai. Whether you are searching for residential or commercial work, reconstruction or new modeling design, tile removing or build up from scratch, we offer you everything under one roof.


We are proud to say that tile installation and repair services of our experts can provide an amazing new look that transforms the appeal of your whole home. Also, we install and repair various kinds of tiles including:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Glass tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Stone tiles
  • Interlocks tiles
  • Sandstones tiles
  • Capstone tiles

These and many other type of tiles are common these days. The tastes and choices vary from one individual to another but we value your interests and install tiles accordingly. We also provide the best advices if you like to hear from us. Moreover, our experts advises the best color schemes that will suit your tile installation areas and will enhance their beauty and elegance of a place.

We realize that you have got plenty of work to do. Relax! Sit back and complete your work and take care of the things you want to do by allotting tasks like tile installation and repair to the experts from Dubai Technical. Furthermore, our tile installation experts will be pleased to work on both tile installation and tile repair tasks throughout your home. Spend your important hours of life the way you want to spend them, and believe us that we can take care of your “To Do list!”


Desert Link Landscaping LLC. Was found in a year when no other company in Dubai was offering tile services. We have years and years of experience in this field. We have a professional team of experts who will handle all type of tile related projects with ease and comfort and providing quality services to our clients. Our clients in Dubai have firm belief in our organization and they are our assets for the company.

We have greatest number of trade customers that use our services and materials for tiling works. We offer fixed affordable prices against our services to build a range of clients. We are not like every other company that increases the prices if their experts are on short leave and some other reason. Moreover, there exists the number of people who are having little or no skills in this area and offer tiling services. Once they do something wrong or unfair, then there exist no chance of customers contacting them again in future for their poor services.

We being the best tile fixing work in Dubai Company are open six days a week with a Sunday off and can be contacted in various ways. Any sort of problem can be rectified with just a phone call or any other mean of communication very quickly and efficiently.


Our experts are capable of tiling almost everything. We do tiling works from residential areas to commercial places and wherever you like. From domestic fireplaces and hallways to commercial nightclubs, we can tile everywhere. Our professional experts are flexible in work hours and can work until the job is done. We are pleased to work for you where you are easy to allow us to work for you.

Besides the tile fixing work in Dubai, we offer many other services for the ease of our customers. We are also the leading swimming pool maintenance company in UAE providing the best services to our local clients. If you invest in swimming pools then it is required to maintain it to work properly in longer run. For that, we offer swimming pool contractors in Dubai which consists of professional experts and will do all your work related to swimming pools. Moreover, is you looking for the reputed landscaping companies in Dubai, then you will not find any other good option other than Desert Link LLC. We will change the entire look of your landscapes and gardens, you need just to get best garden maintenance services Dubai from us. Moreover, if you are looking for the wood companies in Dubai then we will take all the headache to build your residential areas as well as commercial places, and deal with all wood related stuff.


Have you made a final decision to take services from our tillers to install your tiles? We have certain thing that we want from you.

Firstly, you are expected to pay for the tiles in advance as a starting agreement, we will start our job and will not charge anything unless we encounter any problems expect the cost of the labor to be paid. Experts of tile installation must be paid at the point when he is finished with the work and you are happy and fully satisfied with the project. If you find any problems, these must be reported to us as soon as possible, so that we can consider and resolve the issues immediately.

Secondly, if work area needs any preparation before we get started, you must agree to carry out the work, and this must be done in advance. Moreover, if we wish to carry out additional task then this would have to be charged for in accordance.

Thirdly, we highly insist that the area we are going to work on is free from other workers so that we can carry out our work uninterrupted and safely. Furthermore, we will always try our best to take care of your places and accommodate it. Also, if we are tiling your only floor that is usable by you for in or out of the property, so we will be making spaces as usable as possible. Also, we will gladly charge for the fixing of tiles which are not bought from us. However, we will not be expected to be responsible for any issues such as property damage or shortfall of material if we run out of it. Moreover, we may also charge for invited to come back and fix tiles that were not ready for us.

In conclusion, we are here 24/7 available to serve you through our range of services. We value our customers and we believe in making long term relationships with our clients. Believe us and take our service, we promise that you will be our lifetime client. Our tile fixing work in Dubai is worthy enough and makes us different from the entire market in Dubai. We as well as our professional experts will be pleased to serve you and working for you. Contact us to get exclusive tile fixing services from us.

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Tile fixing work in Dubai