Swimming Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai, UAE

Are you looking for swimming pool Maintenance Company in Dubai? Swimming pool contractors in Dubai will be at your door step on one phone call. Pool services requires the pool to drain out water so that it can be cleaned inside out. Number of products including chemicals and solvents play an important role in the cleaning process besides brushes and tools. In addition, these services are essential to keep your pool clean and safe from unwanted stuff. Our company provides the best possible solutions to all your pool related cleaning issues. We use branded products and sterilized tools while cleaning to ensure full satisfaction of our clients.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai

Desert Link LLC has been building lasting swimming pools for families in Dubai. Therefore whether or not you’re brooding about finally building a replacement pool, renovating your existing pool, or simply searching for pool service and provides – trust Anthony & Sylvan to induce it right. Our skilled swimming bath builders and private style Consultants square measure native and are in your community for years, therefore we all know the way to integrate the particular surroundings of your curtilage. And since we’re a national company, each pool and spa is backed by our lifespan Structural warrant, creating your curtilage retreat all the additional quiet.

Do you remember when you last cleaned your swimming pool? Actually I mean REALY cleaned your pool. You might notice that the condition of your pool is in serious need of some scrubbing right now. No problem, we are humans and we do get lazy sometimes and skip important matters of our lives. But do not worry until landscaping companies in Dubai are available to serve you because we believe in quality work.

Cleaning the swimming pool on regular basis is very important. The reason is that the insolvent substances in water start to bind with the walls of pool and at the bottom. And a day will come sooner rather than later when you will not be able to swim in pool anymore because it is too dirty now. For the clean swimming experience, pool should be cleaned on regular basis. Are you excited to know how this process of swimming pool cleaning happens? Let’s dive into it…

Swimming Pool Cleaning Process

Are you frustrated of adding chlorine chemicals to swimming pool and still trying to get clear water all the time? Well, think out of the box and head out to best swimming pool Maintenance Company in Dubai. First, swimming pool cleaning starts with two important ingredients: Chemicals and the right equipment. Second, you need to hire swimming pool contractors in Dubai to get the job done in less time. The swimming pool cleaning can happen in one of the following ways:

  1. Using telescopic pole brush
  2. Net attached with a skimmer at one end
  3. Fine pool brush
  4. You can manually clean pool using vacuum
  5. Swimming pool involves robotic cleaning as well
  6. You may opt for one sided suction cleaning
  7. Pressure sided cleaning is also getting common to enhance work efficiency
  8. Pool deck cleaner by using tri-sodium phosphate and it is water soluble powder as well
  9. Cleaning pool filters on regular basis
  10. Dirty water is drained out and is replaced with clean and clear water


Swimming Pool Cleaning In Dubai

Swimming pool cleaning in Dubai may be a haven on a hot day, a supply of pride for owners, and a necessity for living accommodations and condominium complexes and hotels and motels. However keeping them pristine isn’t employment for the uninitiated or those with no time, and besides being ugly, an unclean pool may be expensive. Business house owners whose pools do not meet native health department standards may be penalized or have their watering holes closed down, which may price not solely cash, however additionally customers. However, if you prefer operating outdoors with the sun on your back and also the sound of water at your feet, then you’ll be able to banish the pool hydrogen ion concentration blues with a Swimming pool cleaning in Dubai. You will create weekly rounds, checking and adjusting chemical levels, maintaining pumps, skimmers, filters and different instrumentality, and doing the routine cleaning. Additionally to pools, you’ll be able to service spas and hot tubs, too. the benefits to the current business area unit that you simply will begin part-time if you prefer with the lowest investment; you get to figure outdoors, and pool cleaners have a form of air in our social consciousness. You will need an honest operating information of pool-cleaning techniques and provides in Dubai, from hydrogen ion concentration levels to atomic number 17 tablets and on the far side. You will additionally like the physical strength to govern poles and skimmers through the drag created by water all day and also the motivation to figure quickly and expeditiously.




Pool Opening & Closing Services

Filter Maintenance Services

Pool Maintenance Services

Pool Repair & Liner Replacements

Chemical Delivery Services

Pool Maintenance Services in Dubai

We can clean your pool and monitor and add chemicals to stay your pool wanting nice. Customers will request weekly or bi-weekly services. Maintenance services embody vacuuming your pool, cleanup out the filter space, and adding chemicals. We will deliver the chemicals required and check your pool water moreover.


Pool gap Services in Dubai

Includes removal and cleanup of winter cowl, voidance water tubes, golf shot up filter system, installation of handrails, ladders and springboard (does not embody slippery board); assembling water sample. Please concern rating.


For a further fee, we tend to conjointly give alternative services:

Vacuum pool and brush walls

Replace filter sand

Delivery pool chemicals to your home


Pool Closing & Winterizing Services in Dubai

Includes winterizing your pool heater, filter, and features. We are going to conjointly take away necessary accessories just like the handrail and ladder if potential. (Note that the springboard won’t be removed at winterization). We will conjointly place the duvet back on. Pools already lined once we perform winterization service cannot have water gift on the cowl.


Filter Maintenance Service in Dubai

We will examine filter for components potency and take away finger assembly, acid dip the unit and come it to your home for a fast, clean start-up next spring. If any components area unit required getting most filter capability, you’ll be contacted and also the value of the components are going to be a further charge. (Please note this can be specifically for First State Filter customers solely.)

Swimming Pool Service and Repair in Dubai


Pool Repair

We specialize in pool repairs that include:

Liner replacements

Pool ladder or step replacement/repair

Replacing pool heaters, pumps, and filters​

Please decision the US to debate your pool repair problems. We’ve quite thirty years of expertise putting in and repairing pools in Central Pennsylvania.


Pool Maintenance Services in Dubai

We sell pool liners for on top of ground pools that you just will install yourself or have one in every of our team members install a replacement liner otherwise you. For a liner replacement on Associate in nursing in-ground or above ground pool, please decision our workplace to form a meeting with one our specialists. Their area unit several pool liner samples to decide on from with samples displayed in our pool store in Huntingdon.


Pool Chemical Delivery in Dubai

Most pool chemicals can’t be shipped owing to communicating laws, thus we provide a pool chemical delivery service in the restricted region that has State faculty. Please decision our workplace to search out-out a lot of. For a fee, our pool delivery service person will take a sample of your pool water heater to our store science laboratory for testing so we will email or decision you with the results and our chemical recommendations.

Waterproofing in swimming pools Dubai is a critical component of the construction works required when building a swimming pool Dubai. Traditionally, the trade of “waterproofing” didn’t exist and definitely at intervals the athletic facility trade no specific specialized trades were ever utilized to waterproof the structure of the pool. Instead, pool builders relied on the density and thickness of the concrete pool shell; the relative solidness of the surface coatings applied to the concrete pool form; furthermore as epoxy seals and expandable foams to seal around penetrations (pipes etc).


Before I am going into additional detail on waterproofing practices most likely best if I explained the mechanisms by that swimming pools leak in Dubai .the majority imagine a pool leak in an exceedingly athletic facility to be associated with the failure of the plumbing lines. this can be generally the case – although the widespread use of pipe pressure testing instrumentation to examine for failing lines; conjointly the} use of mini excavators to excavate the plumbing lines to fail safe depths means that plumbing line failures are uncommon and simply fixed; pools also leak through “penetration leaks”, whereby water leaks out of the pool concrete kind around the pipe / fitting penetration that passes through the concrete kind – pool builders attempt to mitigate this variety of leaks through applying epoxy collars and swell able water stops – that works rather well once properly implemented; the opposite variety of water leak in an exceedingly athletic facility and far and away the toughest to repair may be a “structural leak”, during this variety of leak water leaks through the concrete style of the pool shell at a slow and infrequently insensible rate. The majority aren’t even tuned into having a “penetration or structural leak” in the three athletic facility unless they will visually see a buildup of water on associate exposed a part of the pool kind.


The walls and also the ground of a swimming bath area unit subject to constant water pressure. For enjoying the swimming bath it’s necessary to possess a permanent waterproofing Dubai.


For waterproof structures made from concrete we’ve got within the German 2 expressions that haven’t any real equivalent in English:

White Tub:

A white tub describes the associate degree impermeable structure. The concrete utilized in itself is impermeable. Water penetrates from one aspect into the capillary layer. The concrete wall’s core remains freed from the liquid. On the dry aspect of the wall, the water diffuses through the white tub’s diffusion layer. An airy dry aspect can pass wetness. On the dry aspect of the wall, water is gift solely in little quantities in frothy combination.


It should be mentioned that a structure won’t become a white tub simply by exploitation impermeable concrete. The joints between concrete sections, the approach the concrete is compacted and alignment of reinforcing rods are a component of a white tub. Building firms don’t seem to be suggested to supply white tubs if they are doing not have the proper expertise and data because it may be a specialist’s task.


Black Tub:

This describes a system that’s impermeable rather like a white tub. but the concrete walls don’t seem to be impermeable. The system is tight by a waterproof layer. This layer is applied on the water aspect of the wall, e.g. within the swimming bath. Examples for black tubs area unit covered swimming pools, whereas the tiles area unit affixed onto a waterproof layer. This layer forms a rubbery coating on the concrete. Associate degree alternative example for a black tub may be a pool exploitation vinyl liner. This is often a foil that may be hooked up to the wall and can hold the water kind of like a bag.


While basements in Germany area unit these days largely designed as white tubs, white tubs area unit less fashionable for swimming pools. One reason may be the access to the waterproof layer. Whereas the waterproof layer on basement walls would air the surface of the building this layer can eventually be buried at the bottom. it’s thus tough to access for repair or checks. in an exceedingly pool the waterproof layer is definitely accessible once the water is pumped up out of the tank.


There shouldn’t be several worries with free-standing pools within the out-of-doors. Pools, that area unit within the house and even not on rock bottom floor ought to be planned rigorously. a mixture of a white and a black wall may be taken into consideration. This adds associate degree impermeable concrete wall as a life of safety to the waterproof coating.


Swimming pool Maintenance Company in Dubai

Desertlink LLC is one of the leading swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai. If you want to make the beauty of your swimming pool filled with clear water and without any dust then do call us. We are leading landscaping companies in Dubai. Moreover, we offer garden maintenance services Dubai. We are also best ranking wood companies in Dubai as well. It is a common trend in Dubai to have a swimming pool in resorts and restaurants and is considered as a sign of pride. Cleanliness of swimming pool is very important to keep the grandness of hotel or resort. If by chance you encounter any clean and clear swimming pool then the secret behind that is the care on regular basis and maintenance of swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Note down the important swimming pool maintenance tips to get the desired results in the form of clean swimming pool. Many people think that it is expensive task and requires a lot of hard work to maintain swimming pool water on regular basis. But the reality is bit different, let’s look at some tips discussed below:

  • Chlorine is added to pool water for cleaning purpose. Make sure to maintain pH level of swimming pool around 7.2 and 7.8. Increase or decrease of pH concentration may affect your skin and eyes
  • Moreover, proper algae removal treatments must be implemented to maintain a level of water without any impurities. This is because, chlorine kills algae and if not drained out they remain in pool and makes it dirty
  • Furthermore, chlorine and phosphate appropriate levels aids in swimming pool maintenance
  • Proper vacuuming at regular intervals makes the swimming pool clean and clear
  • Other chemicals and algaecides are also used that help further in swimming pool maintenance
  • Our expert team will clean pump basket regularly to increase its efficiency in longer run
  • We will do skimming of water that helps in proper circulation of water and lowers chlorine levels in swimming pool
  • The professionals will service the pool heater which plays an important role when it’s cold or to kill fungus inside pool
  • And yes, we will check any leaks in pipelines or somewhere in swimming pool to maintain its performance for longer period of time

Therefore, the swimming pool cleaning on regular basis leads to more clean water and safe from impurities. As we all know that nothing should be compromised when it comes to health of a person. So, prevention is better than cure. In changing climatic conditions, the risk of fungus and virus attacks on water becomes a common question. Preventive measures must be taken at ground levels and cleaning the swimming pools on regular basis minimizes such risks.


What quite in ground pool will we tend to build for you? Is it a family stamping ground, a soothing lake or an area to remain in shape? No matter your vision, our practiced artisans can use a range of textures, colors, and designs to form the cartilage retreat of your dreams.

Our Services

  • Pool design & construction for indoor and outdoor residential or commercial swimming pools.
  • Pool maintenance & servicing schemes to meet individual pool requirements.
  • Refurbishment and repairs of existing residential or commercial pools.
  • Design & installation of spas.
  • Design & construction of specialist pools such as pools with moving floors.

Energy Savings

Jet form can keep you up to date with modern renewable energy saving ideas and devices to ensure your pool does not cost the earth to run.

These include:

  • Heat Pumps– Ground Source or Air Source. Reduced running costs and renewable energy.
  • Solar Heating– FREE heat.
  • Dual speed filtration –reduces electrical consumption.
  • Improved filter media– reduces filter run times.
  • Multi cyclone pre-filter– reduces water consumption.
  • LED underwater lighting– significantly lower running costs.

The largest and finest pool service company within the Charlotte County space has been sexual union business and residential pools for over twenty five years in Dubai.

Additionally to putting in top quality pool heaters, Howard’s Pool World’s service department will remedy any pool circulation downside you will have. Howard’s Pool World’s massive workers of skilled technicians is committed to providing the best level of pool maintenance offered.


When you rent Howard’s Pool World, area unit you’re hiring a team dedicated to creating certain that you simply are happy together with your pool. We have a tendency to take internal control measures seriously with weekly spot checks by our field supervisors. We have the longest, most thorough coaching of any pool company in Dubai. We have a tendency to keep our technicians contemporary by shifting their routes and cross coaching them on completely different things. For the security of our technicians and our customers, we’ve GPS monitored vehicles and every one chemistry is reviewed daily by a supervisor. we wish to try and do no matter we’ve to try and do to create certain that you simply desire you’ve created the proper alternative.

Why Choose us?

Our total commitment to skilled service and our culture that strives for excellence has created Dubai the most important and most respectable pool service company in  Dubai our coverage space. Howard’s Pool World has been voted the simplest pool service in Dubai by readers of the Charlotte Sun Herald per annul. not like several different pool services, we have a tendency to perform not solely the fundamental maintenance services to your pool, we have a tendency to are capable of putting in, maintaining, and repairing heaters, pumps, filters, and timer units. whether or not you reside in Dubai state all year or seasonally, Howard’s Pool World encompasses a service package which will be tailored to keeping your pool trying stunning and your water clean and healthy.

Furthermore, our Swimming pool Maintenance Company in Dubai is playing a major leading role by providing cleaning services. Our expert team never makes you disappointed and will work with enthusiasm and passion. Our quality work in the form of services are credited to our team who work with honesty and do not challenge lives of people. Using chlorine, suitable brushes, equipment and right tools and our team makes a best combination altogether. Our experience in swimming pool maintenance and landscaping is an award for us. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our Swimming pool Maintenance Company in Dubai now!

Desertlink LLC is one of the leading swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai. If you want to make the beauty of your swimming pool filled with clear water and without any dust then do call us. We are also professional swimming pool contractors in Dubai. We are leading landscaping companies in Dubai. Moreover, we offer garden maintenance services Dubai. We are also best ranking wood companies in Dubai as well. It is a common trend in Dubai to have a swimming pool in resorts and restaurants and is considered as a sign of pride. Cleanliness of swimming pool is very important to keep the grandness of hotel or resort. If by chance you encounter any clean and clear swimming pool then the secret behind that is the care on regular basis and maintenance of swimming pool.