Swimming Pool Repair

Desert link provides you the facility to build swimming pools but the story doesn’t end here. We also provide swimming pool repair. We are always here for you even after the completion of pools construction  & we will also help you to monitor the proper functioning of your pools & repairing. If there’s an issue in your pool feel free to contact our customer care center to ensure who will listen to your problems carefully and then our professional team, representatives will help to repair all issues related to your swimming pools. Our customer satisfaction is one of our major priorities. As everybody knows that your swimming pools after some time requires to check pH of water, acid, alkaline level and all the equipment installed with the swimming pools so our team will be there for you. As it saves you’re a lot of time by hiring a weekly or fortnightly pool cleaner. With regular inspection, you don’t need to worry anymore about bacteria or germs that may harm your health. You don’t need to check water balance its overflow or any other issue our technical team will monitor all those issues. As experts know more about your pool than you so you will be tension free in case you hire our skilled team workers.

We will provide you the following services

  • Testing the water.
  • Checking, balancing and adding sanitizer
  • Adding chlorine shock to destroy contaminants.
  • Adding enzyme formulas to remove organic build-up.
  • Brushing the entire pool — walls, floor, stairs
  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Cleaning the filters
  • Backwashing the pool filters
  • Emergency service – for an emergency cleaning and service visit
  • If the swimming pool develops cloudy water or other issues, your swimming pool service pro will be on hand to address the issue and bring the water back into balance so you and your family can get back to swimming. Most pool owners who work with a pool contractor find they never have to face cloudy water or other water cleanliness issues
  • Routine preventative maintenance such as filter cleaning, calcium removal & treatment
  • Opening and closing of the swimming pool
  • Inspection of the pool equipment to assure it’s all working properly
  • Monitoring the pool pump pressure levels

You just enjoy your bath we are always there to care for the check and balance of all the issues swimming pool repairing.