Swimming Pool Repair

Desert link provides you the facility to build swimming pools but the story doesn’t end here. We also provide the facility of swimming pool repair in Dubai. We are always here for our valuable customers even after the construction of swimming pools. Our team experts also help you to reorder the proper functioning of your swimming pools if any problem occurs. After examine the problem our team will repair and solve the issues. If there is an issue in your swimming pool functioning then you can comfortably to contact our team members. They can listen your problems carefully and then our professional team, experts will help to repair all issues related to your swimming pools. Our customer satisfaction is one of our prime concern. As we all know, swimming pools need to check the pH, acidity, alkalinity and all equipment installed in the pools after a period of time, so our team will serve you. You can avail our weekly repairing packages. You can feel more comfortable by this because you don’t have headache to call anyone again and again for your swimming pool maintenance and repair. Our team will automatically visit every week to your swimming pool and maintain all the concern. You don’t need to check the water balance for overflow or other problems, our technical team will monitor all these problems. Since experts know your talent pool better than you, there will be no pressure if you hire our qualified team.

We will provide you with the following services

Test the water.

Check, balance and add disinfectant

Increase the chlorine shock to destroy the pollutants.

Add enzymatic formula to remove organic buildup.

Brush all walls, floors and stairs of the swimming pool

Vacuum cell

Clean the filter

Countercurrent swimming pool filter

Emergency services-conduct cleaning and emergency service visits

If there is muddy water or other problems in the pool, the pool service specialist will solve the problem for you at any time and rebalance the water volume so that you and your family can start swimming again. Most pool owners who work with pool contractors find that they do not have to deal with muddy water or other water cleaning issues.

Routine preventive maintenance, such as filter cleaning, calcium removal and treatment

Swimming pool opening and closing

Check swimming pool equipment to ensure that all equipment is working properly

Monitor the pressure level of swimming pool pumps

As long as you like to take a bath yourself, we will always be here to check and balance any swimming pool maintenance issues.