Tile Fixing Work in Dubai | Flooring & Maintenance

Our company is best known for its years of experience in Tile Fixing Work in Dubai. Desert Link Landscaping LLC install all sort of tile for all residential and commercial areas that adds beauty, elegance, simplicity, values and performance to your new construction projects. We excel by providing the best services to our clients. We offer you the best tile installation and unique tile repair services. Our experts will not only do tile work but also perform all kinds of remodeling and repairing for washrooms, kitchens, living rooms, patios and more.

Change is always considered good and a decent addition of beautiful tile work in your hallway instantly evokes the sense of warmth, elegance and refinement. We are providing the best tile fixing work in Dubai. After installing tile work, the maintenance is very low comparatively. Before installing tile work, we make proper measurements of your ceramic or semi – precious granite floor material and make adjustments accordingly. Our range of services and expertise on every project we deal in makes us different and is a testament to our success of company.

Moreover, we are leading with our best tile fixing work in Dubai providing guaranteed and highly cost effective flooring services in the best possible way. We have an experienced team of professionals who are equipped with the most modern equipment and tools. If you need to reconstruct your floors, our team will diagnose the potential issues very easily that will avoid uncertain damages to your property. We actually replace the damaged pieces instead of installing the whole unit in place. Furthermore, we work with both local clients and organizations to listen and act according to their requirements by providing value for the money and expertise on every tile project.


Our masons have professional experience in tiling works. Over the years, we have done many projects on both business and domestic properties such as kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and swimming pools etc. Moreover, we don’t jump start any project at first, we do an initial assessment and then make a complete tiling plan. We make sure that the tiles joins are symmetrical, alignment is correct and cuts are minimal. Moreover, we do understand that some viewpoints holds more importance than the others so we prioritize them and organize them to make a top class finished product. We do not bother what surface or condition it is, we can tile it.

Tile Fixing Work in Dubai

Our professional tile fixing work in Dubai do all of the following tiling works:

  • Walls tiling work
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Office tiles
  • Washroom tiles
  • Hallway tile
  • Courtyard tile
  • Balcony tile

Besides these, we do tiling works for all types of floors and surfaces whether it is inside a cabinet or something like that. We provide quality based tiling works for all sorts of floors. Moreover, installing tiles in place is not that easy job as it looks like. The tools and equipment used by our experts costs thousands of dollars. The efforts that we put into our projects lifts our spirits up and make us always stand in limelight.


We use variety of adhesives for the tiling purposes and choose quality materials to fix tiles in place for a longer period of time. Many a times we face issues like, tiles start to break often or they cannot remain in place or they do have maintenance issues very often. But, you need not to worry about this anymore because our professionals will sort out all types of problems and difficulties in no time. Moreover, we use waterproof adhesives and quality tile fixing material to ensure our services are lifetime reliable and a proof of being the best tile fixing work in Dubai proving company.


Furthermore, tile installing a new surface can fix up a washroom, kitchen, or any other area of your house with the awesome design and craftsmanship. In fact, washrooms and cooking areas most often offers you the highest return on investment if it comes to your home’s value. No matter, whether you areplanning your home for rent or improving the overall design and decoration, we provide exclusive services of all types.

We use best quality glue for the ceramic and porcelain tiles. Moreover, the amount of grout we use varies by the color scheme and quality of the tiles. In fact, skirting of tiles is also done with full perfection and enthusiasm. We also do wooden parquet to fully support the under surface and keep it align. The color combinations are matched with the skirting tiles. We make sure that the color scheme for different area like washrooms, kitchen, etc. varies according to the likeness of client because some like dark shade where others are more interested in light colors.

We offer range of tile fixing services including:

  • Elegant Kitchen floors and tiled counters with shiny surfaces
  • Washroom floors, bathing showers, tub enclosures, and customized shower pans tiling
  • Entrance hallways and wooden floors
  • Patios and walkways outside main gate
  • Commercial display areas, storefronts, showrooms and other market areas
  • Customized tiling elsewhere above mentioned services

Desert Link Landscaping LLC provides you one stop solution for all kinds of tile fixing work in Dubai. Whether you are searching for residential or commercial work, reconstruction or new modeling design, tile removing or build up from scratch, we offer you everything under one roof.



We are proud to say that tile installation and repair services of our experts can provide an amazing new look that transforms the appeal of your whole home. Also, we install and repair various kinds of tiles including:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Glass tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Stone tiles
  • Interlocks tiles
  • Sandstones tiles
  • Capstone tiles

These and many other type of tiles are common these days. The tastes and choices vary from one individual to another but we value your interests and install tiles accordingly. We also provide the best advices if you like to hear from us. Moreover, our experts advises the best color schemes that will suit your tile installation areas and will enhance their beauty and elegance of a place.

We realize that you have got plenty of work to do. Relax! Sit back and complete your work and take care of the things you want to do by allotting tasks like tile installation and repair to the experts from Dubai Technical. Furthermore, our tile installation experts will be pleased to work on both tile installation and tile repair tasks throughout your home. Spend your important hours of life the way you want to spend them, and believe us that we can take care of your “To Do list!”


Desert Link Landscaping LLC was found in a year when no other company in Dubai was offering tile services. We have years and years of experience in this field. We have a professional team of experts who will handle all type of tile related projects with ease and comfort and providing quality services to our clients. Our clients in Dubai have firm belief in our organization and they are our assets for the company.

We have greatest number of trade customers that use our services and materials for tiling works. We offer fixed affordable prices against our services to build a range of clients. We are not like every other company that increases the prices if their experts are on short leave and some other reason. Moreover, there exists the number of people who are having little or no skills in this area and offer tiling services. Once they do something wrong or unfair, then there exist no chance of customers contacting them again in future for their poor services.

We being the best tile fixing work in Dubai Company are open six days a week with a Sunday off and can be contacted in various ways. Any sort of problem can be rectified with just a phone call or any other mean of communication very quickly and efficiently.


Our experts are capable of tiling almost everything. We do tiling works from residential areas to commercial places and wherever you like. From domestic fireplaces and hallways to commercial nightclubs, we can tile everywhere. Our professional experts are flexible in work hours and can work until the job is done. We are pleased to work for you where you are easy to allow us to work for you.


Have you made a final decision to take services from our tillers to install your tiles? We have certain thing that we want from you.

Firstly, you are expected to pay for the tiles in advance as a starting agreement, we will start our job and will not charge anything unless we encounter any problems expect the cost of the labor to be paid. Experts of tile installation must be paid at the point when he is finished with the work and you are happy and fully satisfied with the project. If you find any problems, these must be reported to us as soon as possible, so that we can consider and resolvethe issues immediately.

Secondly, if work area needs any preparation before we get started, you must agree to carry out the work, and this must be done in advance. Moreover, if we wish to carry out additional task then this would have to be charged for in accordance.

Thirdly, we highly insist that the area we are going to work on is free from other workers so that we can carry out our work uninterrupted and safely. Furthermore, we will always try our best to take care of your places and accommodate it. Also, if we are tiling your only floorthat is usable by you for in or out of the property, so we will be making spaces as usable as possible. Also, we will gladly charge for the fixing of tiles which are not bought from us. However, we will not be expected to be responsible for any issues such as property damage or shortfall of material if we run out of it. Moreover, we may also charge for invited to come back and fix tiles that were not ready for us.

Besides the tile fixing work in Dubai, we offer many other services for the ease of our customers. We are also the leading swimming pool maintenance company in UAE providing the best services to our local clients. If you invest in swimming pools then it is required to maintain it to work properly in longer run. For that, we offer swimming pool contractors in Dubai which consists of professional experts and will do all your work related to swimming pools. Moreover, is you looking for the reputed landscaping companies in Dubai, then you will not find any other good option other than Desert Link LLC. We will change the entire look of your landscapes and gardens, you need just to get best garden maintenance services Dubaifrom us. Moreover, if you are looking for the wood companies in Dubai then we will take all the headache to build your residential areas as well as commercial places, and deal with all wood related stuff.

Our other services includes:

In conclusion, we are here 24/7 available to serve you through our range of services. We value our customers and we believe in making long term relationships with our clients. Believe us and take our service, we promise that you will be our lifetime client. Our tile fixing work in Dubai is worthy enough and makes us different from the entire market in Dubai. We as well as our professional experts will be pleased to serve you and working for you. Contact us to get exclusive tile fixing services from us.