Wooden Work

Wood work is one of the most admirable crafts, requiring a lot of experience and extraordinary expertise to convert logs into masterpieces. Desert Link can decorate your house, offices, and apartments in a lavish manners with Wooden Work in Dubai. We provide carpentry services in rooms, walls, kitchens and many other places you want to decorate with wooden work. If you choose wooden work for your house, it will provide you with many advantages, because wood is an organic, hygroscopic and luxuriant material. It has the characteristics of heat, sound, electricity, machinery, aesthetics, and functional characteristics. It is very suitable for use, and a comfortable house can be built using only wood products. For other materials, this is almost impossible. As we all know, the size and volume of many materials change with temperature. They expand as the temperature rises. This means linearity and volume expansion. Swelling leads to a decrease in the strength of the material. Steel is inorganic and non-combustible, so it has fire protection advantages, but when used in construction, steel will expand and collapse with the increase of heat.
Dubai is a popular area with hot weather. Choosing wooden work in Dubai is indeed a good idea for interior designs, because wood hardly expands at high temperatures. On the contrary, under the action of heat, it dries out and gains strength. The only time the wood swells is when the humidity level is low, which is only scientifically meaningful. In fact, even in the driest climate, the moisture content of wood will not be less. The sound insulation effect depends on the surface quality. As a lightweight material, wood is not a very ideal sound insulation material. But this is ideal for sound absorption. Wood prevents echo and noise by absorbing sound. Therefore, it is widely used in halls. The strength of fully flavored wood is the same as that of phenol formaldehyde. Kiln-dried wood is a very good electrical insulator. Wood is considered an aesthetic material and a decorative material. The design of the tree changes according to how it is sliced. Depending on the color and design preferences, different woods can be found. Therefore, we will help you choose the best option for your location.